BioAire Lifestyle Aromatherapy & Air Purifier Stores in Singapore

Aromatherapeutic products & air purifier store BioAire Lifestyle has two locations in Singapore, one at IMM Building (2 Jurong East Street 21) and another within Junction 8 Shopping Centre (9 Bishan Pl).

Founded in 1985, BioAire Lifestyle specializes in a wide range of aroma therapeutic products from essential oils to air purifiers, humidifiers, ionizers, and reed diffusers.

BioAire Lifestyle store IMM Singapore.

The company is based upon a belief of enhancing one’s health and wellbeing through fragrance, as the benefits of using aromatherapy include the ability to ease depression, reduce anxiety, boost energy levels, induce sleep, and boost cognitive performance.

To achieve these aromatherapy goals, BioAire Lifestyle has products that are of the highest quality, with each and every one of them undergoing stringent quality control.

BioAire Lifestyle shop Junction 8 Shopping Centre Singapore.

BioAire Lifestyle is also environmentally friendly and against animal testing – the company believes in achieving good business through moral practices and strives to bring you products that are ethically sourced.

BioAire Lifestyle Store Locations in Singapore

BioAire Lifestyle IMM
2 Jurong East Street 21, #01-127, IMM Building
Singapore 609601
Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:30am-9pm

BioAire Lifestyle Junction 8 Shopping Centre
9 Bishan Pl, #03-K2, Junction 8 Shopping Centre
Singapore 579837

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