Darts Legend Stores & Bars in Singapore

Darts store & bar Darts Legend has two locations in Singapore, including one within The Cathay (2 Handy Road).

At the store, you can find a wide range of darts and related accessories from many of the world’s most recognized manufacturers.

Darts Legend store & bar *Scape Singapore.

Among the brands available at Darts Legend include Tiga Darts, Puma Darts, Target Darts, Ultra Darts, Accurate Dart, MVG, XQMAX, and Shot!.

Darts Legend store *Scape Singapore.

In addition to purchasing darts products, you can also play at both of the stores, which include a darts playing range, suitable for everyone from beginners to expert players.

Darts Legend darts playing range *Scape Singapore.

The playing ranges are located next to a bar setting, where you can order beer (Carlsberg, Sapporo, Blanc, Somersby) in a jug, tower, bottle, or a bucket of 5, as well as soft drinks and water.

Darts Legend also organizes darts competitions, as well as darts events, where, for example, some of the best darts players in the world come to showcase their skills.

Darts Legend Store & Bar Locations in Singapore

Darts Legend The Cathay
2 Handy Road, #02-11, The Cathay
Singapore 229233

Darts Legend *Scape
2 Orchard Link, #02-37, *Scape
Singapore 237978

The Cathay’s Dart Legend has an official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/DartsLegend, while the corresponding page for *Scape store is at www.facebook.com/DartsLegendAtScape.

Following these pages, you’ll stay up to date on the stores’ events, new darts related products and services, and other news related to the outlets in Singapore.