Heguru Center in Singapore

Japanese children’s education and right brain development hub Heguru Center operates within City Square Mall, at 180 Kitchener Road.

Heguru Center specializes in right brain training and the overall brain development for children up to 6 years of age, developing their innate potentials to the maximum.

Heguru Center at City Square Mall in Singapore.

The goal of the education – based on the original Japanese Heguru concepts – is for children to acquire “9 Fundamental Abilities” through a “2-level Step-up Skills” before formal education begins.

Overall, the available classes, including infant & toddler class and pre-School class, equip children with unique skills for their overall success in academics, music, sports, art and much more, at the same time fostering good heart and habits among children before they start with their formal education.

Heguru Center has a broad array of courses spanning from pre-natal to preschool, for children yet to be born to the ones up to 6 years of age that focus only on intensive potential ability development and fostering good heart in the most structured and effectual manner.

The center’s trainers are qualified in Japan and extensively experienced, providing a highly conducive environment that cultivates everlasting attributes in children while having great fun.

Heguru City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road, #06-01, City Square Mall
Singapore 208539
Hours: Wednesday-Friday 9:30am-6pm, Saturday-Sunday 8:30am-6pm

The official Facebook brand page for Heguru Center Singapore is available at www.facebook.com/HeguruCenter.

Following the Facebook page, you’ll learn more about the centre’s educational classes and workshops, events, and much more.