iBrow Studio Beauty Salon in Singapore

Beauty salon iBrow Studio is located within Novena Square 2 in Singapore, at 10 Sinaran Drive.

iBrow Studio provides a comprehensive range of beauty treatments and services, with an emphasis on eyebrow enhancements.

iBrow Studio beauty salon Novena Square 2 Singapore.

The beauty salon has a team of experienced professionals, whose aim is to offer the best services that will make the customers feel and look fantastic, starting with a complimentary beauty consultation.

iBrow’s available services include Brow Shaping (color tweaks, face threading (without brow), classic threading/tweeze, basic shaping), Threading/ Tweeze Complete Workout (males: brow threading + forehead + lower eyelid +upper & lower lip +nose + cheeks + chin + sideburns, females: brow threading + forehead + lower eyelid +upper & lower lip +nose + cheeks + chin + sideburns)…

…Other Areas (chin + sideburns (male), chin + sideburns (female), chin / sideburns, finger / forehead / cheeks, upper / lower lip), Brow Resurrection: Semi – Permanent Brow Enhancement (Korean exquisite nude brow, natural floating, 3D creative, embroidery), Eyeliner Define (invisible upper + lower, invisible upper / lower)…

…Lip Enhancement (natural lustrous lips, lip line, touch up (full lip), touch up (lip line)), Touch Up : Maintenance (invisible upper / lower, natural floating, 3D creative, embroidery), Waxing Services (full leg, half leg top / half leg bottom, full face / buttocks / half arm, cheek / jaw line / neck / under arm, ear / forehead /sideburn / eyebrow, upper / lower lip)…

…EPL Services (full leg, sideburn / half arm / bottom / half leg top / half leg bottom, forehead / chin, armpit / upper lip / lower lip), Brow Shaping + Color Tweak (threading / tweeze), and Alteration Eyebrow / Eyeliner (eyeliner upper + lower, eyebrow / eyeliner upper / lower).

iBrow Studio Novena Square 2
10 Sinaran Drive, #B1-107, Novena Square 2
Singapore 307506
Hours: Monday-Saturday 11am-9pm, Sunday 11am-8pm

The official Facebook page for iBrow Studio is located at www.facebook.com/ibrowstudio.

iBrow’s Facebook page is a great place to learn more about the available treatments, for current promotions, and much more.