Mind Games Board Game Store and Cafe in Singapore

Mind Games operates a board game store at Singapore’s Westgate shopping mall (3 Gateway Drive), as well as a The Mind Cafe board game cafe at 60A Prinsep Street.

The store retails a wide range of board games, more than 500 in total, which can be played and also bought at the company’s The Mind Cafe location.

Mind Games board game store Westgate Singapore.

Mind Games also conducts workshops on the boardgames they sell, promoting the unplugged and relaxing board games culture that brings families together in this high-tech information age.

Similarly, The Mind Cafe is an ideal meeting place where families, colleagues, and friends meet up for board games over good food, snacks, and drinks.

Both the store and the cafe were started by a group of Singaporean board games enthusiasts, who wish to propagate the boardgames culture of clean fun & intellectual development.

Among the popular board games that you can play at the cafe and buy at both locations are Abalone, Aton, Backgammon, Balloon Cup, Battleship, Blokus Travel, Chess, Chinese Chess, Connect 4, Day and Night, Gone Fishing, Hangman, Hive, Jab Realtime Boxing, Ka-ching, Lingo…

…Lord of the Rings Chess Set, Lord of the Rings – The Confrontation, Lost Cities, Mastermind, Mr. Jack, Mr. Jack – New York, Mr. Jack – Pocket, Quarto, Reversi, Times Square, War & Sheep, Yinsh, Blokus, Blokus 3D, Clans, Coda, and Code 777.

To complement your time playing at the cafe, their menu features finger foods, snacks, signature pastries, ice cream, coffees, teas, beverages, floats, and main courses, such as Beef Lasagna, Grilled Prawn Spaghetti, Grilled Cajun Chicken with Rice, Baked Chicken Mushroom Rice, and Salmon Spaghetti.

Mind Games Board Game Store Locations in Singapore

Mind Games Westgate
3 Gateway Drive ,#04-03, Westgate
Singapore 608532

The Mind Cafe by Mind Games
60A Prinsep Street
Singapore 188664
Hours: Monday-Thursday 2pm-11pm, Friday 2pm-6am, Saturday 12noon-6am, Sunday 12noon-11pm

The official Mind Games / The Mind Cafe Facebook page is located at www.facebook.com/themindcafe.

Following the Facebook page, you’ll stay updated on the company’s events, promotions, new board games, and much more.