Rise Buffet Restaurant in Singapore

Rise buffet-style restaurant is located within Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, at 10 Bayfront Avenue.

The restaurant has a reputation among Singaporeans as one of the most lavish buffet restaurants available.

Offering a great combination of choice of foods and unbeatable valuee for money, you’ll be certain to emerge satisfied from a dining experience at Rise.

Adding to the appeal of the place are four themed dining nights every week: Tuesdays (Seafood Nights), Wednesdays (American Feast), Thursdays (Backyard Barbecue), Fridays (Mediterranean Delights), and Saturdays (Singapore’s Local Favourites).

In terms of ambience, Rise features a spacious interior with floor-to-ceiling windows, and you’ll be dining surrounded by modern art, making the place a wonderful setting for any meal.

10 Bayfront Avenue, Hotel Lobby, Tower 1
Hours (Breakfast Buffet): Monday-Sunday 6:30am-11am
Hours (Lunch Buffet): Monday-Sunday 12noon-2:30pm
Hours (Dinner Buffet): 6pm-10:30pm
Hours (All Day A-La Carte): Monday-Sunday 11am-10:30pm

One of the best places to learn more about the current offers, events, and themed buffet selections at Rise is the official Marina Bay Sands website.

The website, at www.marinabaysands.com, also has, for example, detailed information about the operation of the Rise restaurant and food selections.