Tori Q Japanese Restaurants in Singapore

Tori Q Japanese yakitori restaurant chain has 14 locations in Singapore, one of which is at Junction 8 shopping mall (9 Bishan Place).

The restaurant chain, established in 2000, offers a menu of authentic Japanese yakitori dishes, made using only the finest ingredients delivered daily from the company’s central kitchen in Singapore.

Tori Q Japanese restaurant Junction 8 Singapore.

Tori Q, a name that is derived from words “Yakitori” and “BBQ”, prepares delicious Japanese yakitori dishes by first inserting sticks into a few pieces of fresh, raw chicken.

Then, the chicken is broiled using a unique, Japanese auto-rolling machine, before being dipped into a specially formulated “tare” (Japanese grilling sauce), that takes approximately 30 hours of preparation.

As a final step in the preparation, the chicken is hand-grilled to perfection until the dish is ready to be served.

Among the more popular choices in the Tori Q menu, especially during lunch time, are their bento dishes, which contain Japanese rice, seaweed, pickles, and yakitori.

Tori Q Japanese Restaurant Locations in Singapore

Tori Q ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn, #B4-53, ION Orchard
Singapore 238801
Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-9:30pm

Tori Q NEX
23 Serangoon Central, #B2-52, NEX
Singapore 556083
Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-9:30pm

Tori Q Takashimaya Shopping Centre
391 Orchard Road, #B2-07-8-3, Takashimaya Shopping Centre
Singapore 238873
Hours: Monday-Sunday 10am-9:30pm

Tori Q Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street, #B1-K1, Bugis Junction
Singapore 188024
Hours: Monday-Sunday 10am-10pm

Tori Q Junction 8
9 Bishan Place, #B1-25, Junction 8 Shopping Center
Singapore 579837
Hours: Monday-Sunday 10:30am-9:30pm

Tori Q Paragon
290 Orchard Road, #B1-K1, Paragon
Singapore 238859
Hours: Monday-Sunday 10:30am-9:30pm

Tori Q Tampines Mall
4 Tampines Central 5, #B1-K20, Tampines Mall
Singapore 529510
Hours: Monday-Sunday 10:30am-9:30pm

Tori Q Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road, #B2-03, Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839
Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10.00pm

Tori Q JEM
50 Jurong Gateway Road, #B1-05
Singapore 608549
Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-9:30pm

Tori Q Clementi Mall
3155 Commonwealth Avenue West, #B1-19, The Clementi Mall
Singapore 129588
Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-9:30pm

Tori Q Orchardgateway
277 Orchard Road, #B1-11
Singapore 238858
Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-9:30pm

Tori Q Eastpoint Mall
3 Simei Street 6, #B1-K2, Eastpoint Mall
Singapore 528833
Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-9:30pm

Tori Q Ang Mo Kio Hub
53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #B2-09, AMK Hub
Singapore 569933
Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-9:30pm

Tori Q Parkway Parade
80 Marine Parade Road, #01-14C, Parkway Parade
Singapore 449269
Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-9:30pm

You can find the current Tori Q menu with prices, ingredients, and nutritional values at the restaurant chain’s official website.

The official website, at, also contains more information about the company, the quality of the yakitori meals, and much more.