6oz Espresso Bars in Singapore

6oz Espresso Bar has four locations in Singapore, one of which is within OUE DOwntown Gallery (6A Shenton Way).

Established in 2010, 6oz Espresso Bar draws inspiration from the size of a fine cup of cappuccino served in traditional European artisan coffeehouses.

6oz Espresso Bar at OUE Downtown Gallery in Singapore.

This emphasis on quality is reflected on everything 6oz Espresso Bar does as an award winning cafe that has been recognized as one of the best in the industry.

6oz Espress Bar's coffee & hamburger meal, available in Singapore.

In addition to traditionally brewed cups of specialty coffee (utilizing 100% Arabica beans that are roasted on a weekly basis and in micro batches), the cafe also has delectable selections of fresh pastries, bakes, and gourmet sandwiches.

6oz Espresso Bar Locations in Singapore

6oz Espresso Bar OUE Downtown Gallery
6A Shenton Way, #01-18 & 27, Downtown Gallery
Singapore 068815
Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-6pm, Saturday 9am-4pm

6oz Espresso Bar CapitaGreen Singapore
138 Market Street, CapitaGreen Singapore
Singapore 048946

6oz Espresso Bar Tokio Marine Centre
20 McCallum Street, #01-K1, Tokio Marine Centre
Singapore 069046

6oz Espresso Bar Fuji Xerox Towers
80 Anson Road, #01-K1, Fuji Xerox Towers
Singapore 079907

The official Facebook brand page for 6oz Espresso Bar is located at www.facebook.com/6oz-Espresso-Bar-175635612495448/.

Following the Facebook page, you’ll receive updates related to the cafe’s menu changes, promotions, events, and more.