A Gan Guo Kui – Bakery Shop in Singapore

A Gan Guo Kui bakery shop in Singapore operates within Funan shopping centre, at 107 North Bridge Road.

The signature baked good, Guo Kui, is a thin, flatbread typically made in various types of exciting flavours.

A popular street snack originating from Jingzhou, Hubei, China, Guo Kui is a long preserved tradition that has a history going back more than 1,000 years.

A Gan Guo Kui - Bakery Shop in Singapore.

All the Guo Kuis at the bakery shop are flattened and baked using a oversized, traditional charcoal heated clay oven until the bread is crispy golden brown and the ingredients are deliciously ready.

Guo Kui in Singapore - A Gan Guo Kui.

Visiting the outlet, among the Guo Kui flavours you can choose from are New Orleans Roasted Chicken, Snow Vegetable, Brown Sugar Red Bean, as well as Hazelnut Chocolate.

A Gan Guo Kui Funan – Bakery Shop in Singapore
107 North Bridge Rd, #B2-K05, Funan Mall
Singapore 179105

Funan mall, where A Gan Guo Kui bakery shop in Singapore is located, features a total of six retail floors to discover and over 190 shops.

Among the anchor tenants at the shopping centre is Golden Village Funan, which is a 431-seat, seven-theatre complex, as well as TFX Extraordinary Fitness Gym, equipped with cutting-edge gym equipment, a spin class studio, yoga studio, and a swimming pool.