Absolute Wellness – 3 Weight Loss Clinics in Singapore

Absolute Wellness has three weight loss clinics in Singapore available, including one within Duo Galleria shopping center (7 Fraser Street) and another at OUE Downtown (6 Shenton Way).

Founded by Irene Chye in 2002 (with the first clinic open to customers since 2014), the company aims to help people’s lifestyles by using an easy and sensible approach to weight loss and weight maintenance.

Signature service at the weight management clinic is CSH Therapy Program, a 3-step formula incorporating traditional Chinese methods for fast, lasting, and natural results.

Absolute Wellness - Weight Loss Clinic in Singapore.

CSH Therapy Program includes elements of cupping therapy (to loosen up tissue, improving oxygenated blood flow), scraping therapy (to stimulate blood and lymph circulation), as well as heat treatment (to stimulate blood circulation, helping dissipate stubborn fats in tricky problem areas such as the upper arms, hips, waist and thighs).

Absolute Wellness Locations & Opening Hours – Weight Loss Clinics in Singapore

7 Fraser Street, #B3-13/14, DUO Galleria
Singapore 189356
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 11am-9pm, Saturday 11am-6pm

Dhoby Ghaut
11 Orchard Road, #B1-15, Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station
Singapore 238826
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 11am-9pm, Saturday 11am-6pm

Shenton Way
6 Shenton Way, #02-21, OUE Downtown 2
Singapore 068809
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 11am-9pm, Saturday 11am-6pm

Official Facebook brand page for Absolute Wellness weight loss clinic in Singapore is located at facebook.com/absolutewellnesssg/.

You can also follow the company’s official Instagram account, available at instagram.com/absolutewellnesssg/.

More About the Weight Loss Clinics

In 2002, Absolute Wellness emerged as a humble home-based venture founded by Irene Chye, a homemaker with a passion for Chinese ink art. Initially conceived as a casual sideline, the unassuming enterprise experienced remarkable growth over 12 years, amassing a significant and devoted following.

Bolstered by this success, Irene decided to take the leap and opened the inaugural Absolute Wellness outlet in Holland Village in 2014. The primary objective: Addressing the root cause of weight gain without imposing restrictive lifestyle changes. Today, this Singapore-based slimming therapy has rapidly expanded its reach to various locations in Bugis and Orchard.

Having personally witnessed the remarkable outcomes of the CSH therapy program over the years, Irene is driven to empower individuals to lead their best lives—both inside and out—by making weight loss effortless and enjoyable.

Absolute Wellness Services

Recognizing the pivotal role of a healthy metabolism in weight loss, Absolute Wellness focuses on enabling efficient nutrient absorption and optimal utilization of stored fat. As the metabolic rate tends to slow with age, even those diligent in exercise and diet may experience a gradual and stubborn weight increase.

The signature CSH therapy treatments are meticulously designed to restore metabolic balance without resorting to long-term medications or supplements. This three-step process, rooted in traditional Chinese principles, ensures 100% safe, all-natural, and enduring benefits. For an effective weight loss journey, the services include:

  1. Cupping Therapy
  2. Scraping Therapy
  3. Heat Treatment

Through these comprehensive offerings, Absolute Wellness aims to provide a holistic and sustainable approach to weight management, transcending the conventional methods and delivering results that stand the test of time.