Aged Beef & Deli by Emporium Shokuhin Butcher Shop in Singapore

Butcher’s shop & deli Aged Beef & Deli by Emporium Shokuhin operates within Singapore’s Marina Square, at 6 Raffles Boulevard.

Operated by Emporium Shokuhin restaurant group, Aged Beef & Deli offers a wide array of meat products.

Aged Beef & Deli by Emporium Shokuhin at Marina Square in Singapore.

For example, you can purchase premium tender dry-aged prime beef that has been directly imported from Japan and the United States and aged by the company’s beef specialists within a customized facility.

Of the meats, A5 ‘Miyazaki’ Beef is the most premium beef brought in specially by Emporium Shokuhin to their Singaporean customers.

Aged Beef & Deli by Emporium Shokuhin Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard, #01-18, Marina Square
Singapore 039594
Hours: Sunday-Thursday 10am-10pm, Friday-Saturday 10am-10:30pm

The butcher’s shop is operated by Emporium Shokuhin, which also owns a range of popular restaurants in Singapore.

These restaurants include Takujo Japanese Dining, Gyuu+ Yakiniku Grill, Umi+Vino Seafood Wine Bar, Ishizuchi Sake Bar, Shabu Tan Japanese Hotpot, Senmi Sushi Bar, Burosu Honten Gyoza & Ramen, Kohi-Koji Café & Bakery, and Kome Kome.