Agleam Aesthetics – Beauty Salon in Singapore

Agleam Aesthetics, a good beauty salon choice in Singapore, operates within City Gate Mall (371 Beach Road).

Treatments at the beauty salon are customised to meet the different needs of unique individuals, providing results of youthful radiance and restored confidence.

Main services you can choose from are Laser Hair Removal (Body Part), Youth 101, SK Laser Treatment, Vita Skin Booster, Dead Sea Jab Treatment, Red Wine Facial Treatment…

Agleam Aesthetics - Laser Treatment in Singapore.

…Snow Glow Facial Treatment, V-Lift Facial Treatment, Oxy Light, Cryo Facial Treatment, Aqua Boost Treatment, Clear Blast Facial Treatment, as well as 24K Gold Facial Treatment.

Of these, laser hair removal is one of the few available options in Singapore that offers a more permanent approach to getting rid of unwanted body hair.

Laser Hair Removal in Singapore - Agleam Aesthetics.

A laser treatment can precisely target the problem hairs without damaging the surrounding skin, plus the treatment is fast, with each pulse of the laser taking a fraction of a second, treating an area approximately the size of a quarter at a time.

Furthermore, laser hair removal is generally a painless experience, done by heating the hair follicles to stop new hairs from growing, thus putting them in a state of dormancy for a longer period of time compared to shaving or waxing. When they do grow back, the hairs become much lesser, lighter and finer.

SK Laser Treatment, meanwhile, taking 1 hour 15 minutes per session, is a gentle laser for opening up pores, drying up acne, and killing off bacteria under the skin for the acne to heal quickly and prevent further skin inflammation.

Laser Treatment in Singapore - Agleam Aesthetics.

A laser facial (which can be used for other body parts as well, including the back) also smoothens the skin complexion for anti aging effect, lightens the skin pigments, and even balances the skin’s PH levels.

Another popular choice is the beauty salon‘s Youth 101 facial treatment, that is aimed to “freezing” your age with a semi permanent result that can last up to 6 months, tightening the skin and regenerating collagen & skin cells for a younger looking appearance.

Similarly, the 24K Gold Facial Treatment, using real gold flakes (just like Eqyptian Queen Cleopatra did), provides support to keeping collagen levels steady for a firmer & moisturised skin, increasing skin elasticity while reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

Agleam Aesthetics – Laser Treatment in Singapore
371 Beach Road, #B1-32, City Gate
Singapore 199597
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 11am-8:30pm, Saturday 10:30am-7pm

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