Almost Famous Craft Beer Bar in Singapore

You can find Almost Famous Craft Beer Bar in Singapore from within CHIJMES building, at 30 Victoria Street.

Visiting the beer bar, you can choose from a total of 16 beers on tap that rotate regularly, sourced from high profile breweries locally and worldwide.

The place also has a premium range of seasonal craft beers and a delicious variety of bar bites & pasta mains that have been chosen for the menu as perfect complements to your beer of choice.

Craft Beer Bar in Singapore.

One of the popular features at the bar is their collaboration with craft breweries, also known as a ‘tap takeover‘, where a partner beer brand, like Tiger Beer, Dry & Bitter Brewing, Mikkeller, or Brewlander takes over most of the taps.

Almost Famous Craft Beer Bar in Singapore - CHIJMES.

In terms of ambience, the beer bar has injected an exciting futuristic flair to the historic CHIJMES building with minimalist aesthetics and straightforward bar food.

Overall, the craft beer bar was conceived as a space to provide clarity to the experience.

Alluding to the state of emptiness, the bar was designed to be devoid of unnecessary aesthetics, where every detail, from the design of furniture, tableware, menu board, and even the coasters, was selected with careful restraint to achieve simplicity in form and function.

This aesthetic concept was further enhanced by the bar’s choice of basic shapes and monochromatic palettes in the interiors.

By adding nothing to influence and taking nothing away to distract, Almost Famous Craft Beer Bar has the mission to emphasize the subjects within the space: people, food, and craft beers.

Minimalism is at the heart of the design. With clean, uncluttered spacesl, the place provides a backdrop for the vibrant flavours and aromas of the craft beers on tap.

Finally, the menu is carefully curated to feature a wide variety of beers, from classic styles to innovative new brews.

The bar is a great choice to come together and enjoy the simple pleasures of life: good beer, good food, and good company.

Almost Famous Craft Beer Bar in Singapore
30 Victoria Street, #01-06, CHIJMES
Singapore 187996
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 5pm-10:30pm, Saturday 2pm-10:30pm, Sunday 2pm-10pm

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