AMB Aquatic Hub – Aquarium Shop in Singapore

AMB Aquatic Hub, a good aquarium shop in Singapore, operates within The Centrepoint shopping centre (176 Orchard Road).

The store offers an extensive variety of exotic tropical and marine fish, aquarium / pond ornaments and accessories, as well as tortoises and hermit crabs.

Speciality areas for the shop include small aquatic fishes and high quality custom-made, custom-designed tanks.

Main product categories for aquariums and ponds are, aqua air pumps, aqua-scaping tools, breeding supplies, CO2 systems, cooling & heating products, filter systems, filtration media, fish conditioners & additives…

AMB Aquatic HUB pet shop Singapore.

…fish medication, lighting systems, marine equipment, mist makers, nature decoration, PH & other indicators, plant fertilizers, pond accessories, sand & substrates, tanks, water pumps, wave makers, fish food, marine additives, and accessories.

For ponds & gardens, meanwhile, the range includes pond filters, pond lamps, pumps, solar lights, UV sterilizers, pond fountains, and pond accessories.

Operating as a limited range pet store for other than fish species, you can also purchase birds and other small animals at the outlet.

 AMB Aquatic Hub - Aquarium Shop in Singapore - The Centrepoint.

Additional core services provided by the company include maintenance and custom-made aquarium designs & builds.

Of these additional services, the maintenance service allows you to leave all the pressure of maintaining an aquarium to the company’s professional, well-trained team on a monthly basis (or upon your special request).

The maintenance services feature cleaning the tank, cleaning the ornaments (or changing them if necessary), changing the tank water, adding supplements to the water, checking the general condition and well-being of the fish, and dressing up the tank for a showcase condition.

Aquarium Shop in Singapore.

If you can’t find the specific aquarium set-up that you have in mind, the company specialises in custom aquarium designs and set-ups based on customer preferences, using high quality materials and an experienced design team.

AMB Aquatic Hub The Centrepoint – Aquarium Shop in Singapore
176 Orchard Road, #B2-02, The Centrepoint
Singapore 238843
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-8pm

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