Anake – DNA-Based Beauty Store in Singapore

You can find Anake, a DNA-based beauty store in Singapore, from within Wisma Atria shopping centre (435 Orchard Road).

The company’s approach to personalised skincare utilises a DNA test, where 15+ genetic markers are mapped and AI algorithms are used to identify genetic factors to unlock your skin’s unique profile.

Thus, leveraging the latest derma-genetics research and technology, armed with this knowledge using the company’s treatments & skincare products, you can make informed precision skincare choices that correspond accurately to your skin needs.

Anake Wisma Atria - DNA-Based Beauty Store in Singapore.

In addition to a skin DNA test to map the unique genetic profile, the company’s approach also features a facial skin imaging analysis, to understand your skin’s
immediate trouble points.

The facial skin imagining analysis uses RGB visible light, polarised light and UV spectrum imaging technology, combined with AI and image analysis to clearly visualise the skin’s current condition.

The range of information gathered by the beauty store is put to use in a consultation with a beauty team that can help you find long-term solutions with innovative technology, plus in a customised treatment planning – an all-rounded long-term plan that you can immediately implement.

Anake Wisma Atria – DNA-based Beauty Store in Singapore
435 Orchard Road, #01-11, Wisma Atria
Singapore 238877
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-8pm

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