Aniplus Cafe – Anime Themed Cafe in Singapore

Aniplus Cafe, a great anime themed cafe in Singapore, is located within Esplanade Mall, at 8 Raffles Avenue.

The outlet is a one-stop destination for enthusiasts of Anime, Comics and Games (ACG) lifestyle and ACG themed dining.

In addition to enjoying anime themed beverages and snacks & food, the place combines a “collaboration cafe” from Japan by having an official anime merchandise store as well.

Aniplus Cafe - Anime Themed Cafe in Singapore - Esplanade Mall.

Visiting the place, you’ll meet fans of the Japanese anime and pop culture, people who share the same passion for the lifestyle.

Anime Themed Cafe in Singapore - Zombie Land Saga - Aniplus Cafe - Esplanade Mall.

Throughout the year, the cafe has time-limited collaborations, which will feature a different interior theme, a new themed, menu and an exciting updated merchandise line-up.

Saekano: The Movie Finale - Metronome Parfait and Senpai Drink - Anime Themed Cafe in Singapore.

Utaha’s Koisuru Metronome Parfait + Charming Senpai Drink.

Among the themes and anime merchandise at the themed cafe have been for Saekano The Movie, The Irregular at Magic High School, Bungo Stray Dogs, Nijigasaki High School Idol Club, Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World, and many others.

Aniplus Cafe Esplanade Mall – Anime Themed Cafe in Singapore
8 Raffles Avenue, #01-13C, Annexe, Esplanade Mall
Singapore 039802
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 12noon-9pm

As a popular anime themed cafe in Singapore, Aniplus Cafe communicates with their customers using social media, including Facebook at

You can also follow the cafe’s official Instagram page at for updates related to upcoming events, new merchandise, promotions, and more.