Aspire Cuesports – Billiards Hall in Singapore

Aspire Cuesports billiards Hall in Singapore is located within HomeTeamNS Butik Batok Clubhouse (2 Bukit Batok West Ave 7).

Open since 2017, the place is a pool & billiards saloon that welcomes all, families and friends, to come over and have fun and relax over a game.

A top priority for the outlet is to provide tip-top table conditions for the players, including tournament-grade snooker tables featuring Hainsworth Match cloth, and a modern heating system that allows better heat distribution throughout the table.

Aspire Cuesports - Billiards Hall in Singapore.

The company operating the billiards saloon also sells equipment related to the sport, including accessories, pool cases, pool cues, pool tables, snooker cases, snooker cues, as well as snooker tables.

Billiards Hall in Singapore - Aspire Cuesports.

Additionally, they can provide cue tip repair & services including snooker and pool tip installation, shaft/ferrule refurbishing, ferrule change (snooker only), plus popular replacement Japanese pool cue tips from Moori, Kamui and Zan.

Aspire Cuesports – Billiards Hall in Singapore
2 Bukit Batok West Ave 7, HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok
Singapore 659003
Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 10am-1am, Friday-Saturday 10am-2am, Sunday 10am-1am

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