ÁTIPICO Atelier – Bakery Shop in Singapore

ÁTIPICO Atelier bakery shop in Singapore is located within NEWest shopping mall, at 1 West Coast Drive.

Founded by Chef Matteo Pertoldi in 2014, the outlet is a celebration of creation, offering everything from fine patisserie to artisan breads, with panettone (an Italian-style sweet bread) being a signature item.

As the name suggests, the shop is an atypical bakery, as you can see from the street you straight into the kitchen, allowing you to follow the creative process all the way.

ÁTIPICO Atelier - Bakery Shop in Singapore - NEWest.

Visiting the bakery shop, the main available categories include artisan breads, cakes, and items for the pantry (jams, breadcrumbs, granola).

Among the many highlights in the bread menu are, for example, ​Multigrain Country Bread (blend of French and Canadian flour, long fermentation), Japanese Milk Buns (Japanese-style buns with a distinct milky taste and soft texture), as well as Crema Bomboloni (fluffy pillows rolled in sugar and filled with Italian pastry cream).

ÁTIPICO Atelier NEWest - Bakery Shop in Singapore.

The cake selection, meanwhile, showcases the combination of modern French style pastries along with Italian flavours and local influences.

ÁTIPICO Atelier – Bakery Shop in Singapore
1 West Coast Drive, #01-82/83, NEWest
Singapore 128020
Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm

To learn more about ÁTIPICO Atelier bakery shop in Singapore, there is an official Facebook brand page available at facebook.com/atipicohomechef/.

You can also follow the shop’s official Instagram channel at instagram.com/atipicosingapore/.