Atlas Coffeehouse – Pancakes & Waffles in Singapore

One of the best places for pancakes & waffles in Singapore, Atlas Coffeehouse, operates within Bukit Timah district, at 6 Duke’s Road.

Established by Daphne Goh and Lionel Ang in 2016, the pancake cafe is a cozy, unpretentious, and popular cafe-restaurant with an extensive menu full of culinary delights.

Among the signature items on the menu are waffles and pancakes, with highlights such as Candied Bacon Buttermilk Waffles (vanilla bean ice cream and sweet candied bacon on top of thick waffles)…

Atlas Coffeehouse pancake Singapore.

Waffles & Ice Cream.

Butterscotch Banana Pancake (served with caramelised banana slices, housemade Butterscotch, honeycomb ice cream, and decadent chunks of honeyed flakes), and Breakfast Strawberry Maple Pancake.

Atlas Coffeehouse - Pancakes & Waffles in Singapore.

Beyond the desserts – like Lemon Meringue Pie and Crispy Choux Puff – and coffees, the pancake cafe menu features popular dishes like Spaghetti Beef Bolognese, Cereal Prawn Pasta, Fish & Kale (barramundi with sautéed garlic butter kale tossed with quinoa, cherry tomatoes and sweet raisins), and 18 Hour Slow Braised Pulled Pork (served with scrambled eggs and bacon).

Atlas Coffeehouse – Pancakes & Waffles in Singapore
6 Duke’s Road
Singapore 268886
Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 8am-7pm

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