Babies Bliss – Fertility Massage in Singapore

Babies Bliss, a popular service choice for a fertility massage in Singapore, operates within Plaza Singapura (68 Orchard Road).

In Singapore, where the demands of modern life often intertwine with the dreams of building a family, Angelia Ng, a distinguished fertility specialist with over 19 years of experience, has introduced a unique service that has been designed to assist women in navigating the intricate journey of infertility with a focus on holistic well-being.

Babies Bliss Singapore - Plaza Singapura.

Fertility Massage: The Essence of Wellness

At the heart of Babies Bliss is the groundbreaking Fertility Massage, a technique developed by Angelia Ng herself.

Diverging from traditional methods, this massage combines Western methodology with Traditional Chinese Medicine processes, offering a harmonious approach to fertility enhancement.

The comprehensive sessions aim to optimize the body for conception by addressing acupressure points, reducing cortisol levels, and improving blood circulation—essential elements for fertility.

How Does Fertility Massage Help?

High-stress levels have become a prevalent issue contributing to infertility in Singapore.

The company recognizes this and tailors its fertility massage to alleviate stress by focusing on acupressure points, creating a conducive environment for conception.

By reducing cortisol levels and enhancing blood circulation, this specialized massage offers a holistic solution to infertility challenges.

What to Expect in Every Session

Each session at Babies Bliss is a journey toward relaxation and fertility enhancement.

The massage is complemented by the subtle use of scents, allowing therapists to identify and respond to your body’s signals.

Before the session, questions are asked to personalize the experience, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Who Will Benefit from Fertility Massages?

Babies Bliss aims to aid women facing challenges such as blocked fallopian tubes, miscarriages, past abdominal operations, endometriosis, PCOS, or those preparing for IVF or currently undergoing IVF.

Why Schedule a Session?

While not a miracle solution, fertility massages have proven successful for many women who had struggled for years or explored alternative solutions.

Best results are achieved when combined with a healthy diet and, in some cases, regular IVF treatments.

Prenatal Massage: A Journey Towards Motherhood

For expectant mothers in Singapore, Babies Bliss offers Prenatal Massage—an experience designed to alleviate anxiety and promote overall well-being.

Tailored to the individual needs of each mother, this massage helps prepare both the body and mind for the upcoming delivery.

What is Prenatal Massage?

Similar to a Swedish massage, Prenatal Massage is uniquely tailored to the expectant mother’s body, employing slow strokes and specific adjustments.

Strategic considerations, such as a specialized pregnancy massage table and supportive pillows, ensure the highest level of comfort and engagement.

Benefits of Prenatal Massage

Scientifically supported, Prenatal Massages have been reported to reduce stress hormones, address joint pain, insomnia, leg cramps, swelling, headaches, and aid in better sleep.

Regular sessions are known to prepare mothers for breastfeeding.

Postnatal Massage: Nurturing Mothers Beyond Birth

Postnatal Massage at Babies Bliss focuses on the recovery process after childbirth.

Therapists employ specialized techniques and essential oils to enhance healing and overall well-being for new mothers in Singapore.

What is Postnatal Massage?

Specifically designed for the postpartum period, this therapy targets muscles used during labor and after birth.

It involves stimulating strokes to improve blood flow, relieve tension, and provide new mothers with the much-needed ‘me time.’

Benefits of Postnatal Massage

Scientifically proven benefits include improved sleep, reduced stress, pain relief, decreased inflammation, better emotional well-being, hormone regulation, enhanced milk production, and assistance with lymphatic drainage.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: Elevating the Fertility Journey

Preparing for a healthy pregnancy is paramount, and Babies Bliss introduces Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) as a supportive measure for couples on their fertility journey.

This non-invasive therapy is enhanced with specially blended essential oils for an added soothing experience.

How HBOT Supports Your Journey To Conceive

HBOT aids in improving reproductive system health by increasing blood flow, reducing inflammation, repairing tissue damage, and supporting egg and uterus health for women.

For men, it contributes to sperm health by balancing pH, improving erectile function, and repairing blood vessels.

What To Expect With HBOT

Sessions range from 5 onwards, and during the one-hour session, individuals experience higher air pressure, providing benefits such as better sleep, increased energy levels, and improved overall well-being.

In conclusion, Babies Bliss Fertility Wellness, curated by Angelia Ng, emerges as a beacon of hope and holistic support for women and couples facing fertility challenges in Singapore.

With a blend of innovative techniques and a commitment to individualized care, the company stands as a testament to the power of comprehensive wellness in the journey towards parenthood.

Babies Bliss – Fertility Massage in Singapore
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Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 11am-9pm, Saturday-Sunday 10am-7pm

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