bar Milano – Italian Bistro & Cocktail Bar in Singapore

bar Milano, a popular Italian bistro & cocktail bar in Singapore, is located within KēSa House (55 Keong Saik Road).

A concept created by SJS Group, the outlet is an Italian-style bistro and spritz (an Italian wine-based cocktail) bar, an homage to the classic tavernas of Europe.

Open for brunch, lunch, dinner & drinks, menu choices at the place have been curated especially for aperitivo and Italian food lovers who are looking for a cosy atmosphere that inspires romance.

bar Milano - Italian Bistro & Cocktail Bar in Singapore.

You can expect delicious Italian meals made from time-honored regional recipes, dishes such as Olives Ascolana, hand-cut Pappardelle, and Veal Parmigiana, alongside bistro favorites like Steak Tartare with Anchovy cream, an Italian Burger, and Chicken Milanese with apple & fennel coleslaw.

A must-try while visiting the place is a Neapolitan street food favorite, Pizza Fritta – a style of pizza-making that dates back to the 16th century.

Pizza Fritta in Singapore - bar Milano.

Pizza Fritta.

For Pizza Fritta, the bistro chefs use Italian OO flour and slowly ferment the pizza dough, which is then hand-stretched and rolled out super thin.

This way, when quickly flash fried, the dough puffs up and rises, creating a soft and doughy flavor that is similar to an Italian doughnut or zeppole in the center, while retaining a slightly crispy and crunchy outer crust.

Pizza Frittas are then topped with artisanal ingredients to create unique and flavorful combinations.

Negroni Cocktail - bar Milano.

Barrel-aged Negroni Cocktail – Aged in American oak barrel for a smooth and deep finish.

Including Pizza Frittas, all of the dishes have been designed as great accompaniments to the thoughtful wine and bar program, where the choices range from regional Italian wines to highlights from Italian Spritz culture.

bar Milano – Italian Bistro & Cocktail Bar in Singapore
55 Keong Saik Road, #01-02, KēSa House
Singapore 089158
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 5pm-11pm

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