Battle Bunker – Tabletop Games Store in Singapore

Battle Bunker, a popular tabletop games store in Singapore, is located within Bugis+ shopping centre, at 201 Victoria Street.

The company is a leading game distributor & hobby game store in Singapore, also offereng a game arena section with regular events, plus games rental service.

Visiting the store, you can purchase from a vast selection of tabletop games, party/board games, trading card games, living card games, toys, game miniatures and titles, accessories, painting supplies, figurines, models & collectibles (Star Wars, Pokemon, Gundam, etc), assembly kits, and expansion sets to take your hobby to the next level.

Battle Bunker - Tabletop Games Store in Singapore - Bugis+.

Behind the outlet’s popularity is a community of Singaporean who are passionate about gameplay involving miniatures, card & board games, and more.

If you’re a newcomer, the friendly personnel will be happy to show you the ropes of, for example, gameplay, model fixing, and painting techniques – plus they can introduce you to the local gaming community.

Tabletop Games Shop Singapore - Battle Bunker.

As part of its services, throughout the year, Battle Bunker hosts tournaments & leagues on in-store, regional, and national levels.

If you decide to participate in these events, you’ll get to play for the challenge, win cool prizes, and skill yourself up through strategy, experience, and determination.

Tabletop Games in Singapore - Battle Bunker.

Within the game arena, you can play with your friends using your own game, or rent one from extensive library of games for rent at the game store (which also sells beverages to fuel your gameplay).

The range of games for rent includes casual party games that are easy to get into, and board games that suit a wide variety of interests.

Battle Bunker Bugis+ – Tabletop Games Store in Singapore
201 Victoria Street, #03-16/17, Bugis+
Singapore 188067
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 12noon-late

As a popular tabletop games store in Singapore, Battle Bunker keeps in touch with their customers via social media channels, such as Facebook at

There is also an official Instagram page available, located in turn at and updated with details about upcoming events & tournaments, new games on the shelves, and more.