BeatX Studio – Fitness Classes in Singapore (CLOSED)

BeatX Studio, offering a range of effective fitness classes in Singapore, is located within Plus Building (20 Cecil Street). (UPDATE 2022: THE STUDIO HAS CLOSED)

A fitness studio by BBOUNCE Studio and two Singapore national swimmers – Joel Tan (Sports Personality & Entrepreneur) & Leslie Kwok (Olympian, Model & Entrepreneur) – you can participate in classes that sculpt every muscle and burn major calories.

Characteristic to the classes is an intensity that is designed to ‘shock’ your body and make sure things do not get boring, keeping your body burning calories.

Everything from music to lights and the programmes are structured to keep you immersed and engaged. Hence, the fitness studio was created to help you beat your own limits.

The studio has three sections, with the workouts / classes including Rebounding, Battleground, Boxing, and Riding.

Of these, Rebounding classes are trampoline exercises that simultaneously improve your lymphatic system, pump your heart, and tone your muscles. You can also participate in Hybrid Rebounding: a combination of systemic cardio, aerobic & anaerobic, strength training, and muscle sculpting.

Battleground, meanwhile, blends various workout philosophies for maximum results. You can expect HIIT, weights, bodyweight exercises, obstacles courses, treadmills, and more.

BeatX Studio Battleground workout.

Utilizing aqua bags that allow for harder hits, Boxing classes incorporate an exciting blend of rhythm, explosive speed, footwork, hand-eye coordination, and willpower.

Finally, as the name suggests, Riding classes are for exercise bike / spinning group workouts that activate all muscle groups, offering a whole body exercise. The contagious group energy is an added benefit to motivate you push harder.

You can see the fitness studio’s weekly class schedules every Thursday from 4:30pm for the following week at the official website. Booking for classes starts every Friday 5:30pm.

To book your place at one of the classes, in addition to telephoning the studio’s Hotline or emailing their customer service, the options are:

  • Via MindBody app (iOS | Android)
  • Online booking system:
  • In person at the studio reception

Walk-ins are welcome for the classes, but, however, they advise booking your a place at your class beforehand to ensure that you have a slot and avoid any disappointment (in case the class turns out to be full).

As a walk-in, you should be present 10 minutes prior to class commencement and inform the front desk which class you want to attend. For First Timers, you should be present 15 minutes earlier for registration purposes.

BeatX Studio Rebounding workout.

The minimum age for all of the classes & members is 18 years old.

Participating in the fitness classes, you should wear appropriate workout attire (e.g.: exercise top with sports tights) and sports shoes.

Workout towels are provided by the centre for every member. After the workout, you can grab a bath towel from the front desk for a post-workout shower.

The fitness studio has rain showers and shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel dispensers.

Along with our free to use day lockers, the centre has vanity counters and wide mirrors in each locker room.

BeatX Studio – Fitness Classes in Singapore (UPDATE 2022: THE STUDIO HAS CLOSED)
20 Cecil Street, #06-03, Plus Building
Singapore 049705
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 11am-10pm, Saturday 9:30am-1:30pm

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