Beauty Mums & Babies – Postnatal Massages in Singapore

A popular place for pre- and postnatal massages in Singapore, health & wellness salon Beauty Mums & Babies operates within Paragon shopping centre (290 Orchard Road).

Founded in 2009, the salon offers integrated, premium health & wellness services specially for mothers and babies.

The wellness, massage & beauty salon has a team of experienced professionals that are certified to provide a comprehensive range of pre-natal, post-natal and infant wellness services.

Postnatal Massages in Singapore - Beauty Moms & Babies.

On the service menu are, for example, Pre Natal Massages, Post Natal Massages, Pre Natal Yoga, Post Natal Yoga, Mum & Baby Yoga…

Beauty Mums & Babies - Postnatal Massages in Singapore - Paragon.

…Lactation Massages, Slimming Treatments, Facial Treatments, Baby Spa, Baby Massages, Pediatric Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and related workshops.

Beauty Mums & Babies Paragon – Postnatal Massages in Singapore
290 Orchard Road, #14 -11/12, Paragon
Singapore 238859

As a popular place for postnatal massages in Singapore, Beauty Mums & Babies communicates with their customers using several social media channels, including Facebook at

You can also follow the salon’s official Instagram account at updates about, for example, the available services and the treatments’ benefits, promotional offers, and much more.