BelleRina Beauty Salon in Singapore

You can discover BelleRina beauty salon in Singapore from Junction 9 shopping mall, at 18 Yishun Avenue 9.

The salon offers a service menu that has treatments for overall wellness, the face, and the body.

Available treatments at the outlet include Tummy Meridian Massage, Gravislim Therapy, CA40 Slim Treatment, Fat Freeze Cryo, V3 Face Lifting Therapy, E-light Skin Rejuvenation…

BelleRina Beauty Salon in Singapore - Junction Nine.

…Hydro SPA Facial, Dermawhite Skin Therapy, Bellesilk IPL Permanent Hair Removal, Oxy-C Infusion Skin Therapy, as well as Relaxing Facial.

Of the beauty salon treatments, for example, CA40 Slim Treatment uses an ultrasonic machine with high-frequency sound waves to disrupt fat cell walls, causing fat cells to “leak” their contents into fluid spaces in the body.

From there the body’s lymph system picks up this waste material (the loose fat) and begins circulating it through your body until it can be processed by the liver and eliminated.

The CA40 Slim Treatment results are visibly noticeable immediately, however the entire process can take several days.

BelleRina Beauty Salon in Singapore
18 Yishun Ave 9, #02-28, Junction 9
Singapore 768897
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 11am-8:30pm, Saturday-Sunday 10am-6pm

BelleRina beauty salon in Singapore communicates with their customer base via several social media platforms, such as Facebook.

Following the Facebook channel, you’ll learn more about the available treatments, current promotional offers, and much more.