Black Cow Restaurant – Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar in Singapore

Black Cow Restaurant, a good Japanese restaurant & sake bar in Singapore, is located within South Beach Avenue (26 Beach Road).

A concept created by Black Carvery Group in October 2016, the outlet is a modern Japanese Shabu Shabu & Sukiyaki gourmet restaurant and sake bar.

In addition to specialising in Kanto-style Sukiyaki (the most traditional way to enjoy beef in Japan) and Shabu Shabu, two different types of Japanese cuisine involving thin slices of beef that are boiled at your table, the place is a Wagyu cognoscenti.

Black Cow Restaurant - Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar in Singapore - South Beach Avenue.

This translates into the restaurant sourcing only prime cuts of genuine Japanese Black Wagyu, including thinly sliced Matsusaka Wagyu, produced under the most stringent standards to achieve exquisite marbling and unique tenderness.

Furthermore, the house’s signature Sukiyaki sauce is glazed with premium cuts of the Wagyu beef fat, enhancing the natural & unique umami flavours.

Kanto Style Sukiyaki in Singapore - Black Cow Restaurant.

Additional popular choices in the All Day Menu are, for example, Hokkaido Uni Scallop Tostada (starter), Steak Truffle Don (Chef’s daily selection of Japanese Wagyu beef steak in barbeque sauce, golden enoki on rice with onsen egg, topped with shaved truffles), plus Matcha White Chocolate Mochi Pie (dessert).

Premium "All In One" Don - Black Cow Restaurant.

Premium “All In One” Don with A5 Hida Wagyu beef from Japan’s Gifu prefecture.

As a sake bar, meanwhile, the place has an exciting range of sakes, many of which are unavailable elsewhere in Singapore.

Highlights from the sake selection include the likes of the cult brand Juyondai and the prized Tatenokawa “Komyo” sake.

Sake Bar in Singapore - Tatenogawa JDG Komyo 1% Sake.

Tatenogawa JDG Komyo 1% Sake.

The bar also carries Dassai 39 and Dassai 23, as well as the Dassai Centrifuge labels that are made using a centrifuge technique instead of the traditional hydraulic press.

Beyond sake, if you prefer pairing Japanese food with wines, the drinks menu features a selection of biodynamic and organic wines.

Overall, the menu reflects seasonal best ingredients from different agricultural regions in Japan & beyond, with an emphasis on unconventional ingredient choices to further enhance traditional Japanese cuisine flavours.

Japanese Sukiyaki in Singapore - Black Cow Restaurant.

Also, in addition to the seasonal approach to building the menu, the Japanese restaurant takes pride in their farm-to-table philosophy, bringing out the true flavours of fresh ingredients with closely maintained relationships with farmers and suppliers.

Black Cow Restaurant – Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar in Singapore
26 Beach Road, #B1-20, South Beach Avenue
Singapore 189768
Opening Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 12noon-2pm, 6pm-8:30pm, Friday 12noon-2pm, 6pm-9:30pm, Saturday 12noon-2:30pm, 6pm-9:30pm, Sunday 12noon-2:30pm

As a top Japanese restaurant & sake bar in Singapore, Black Cow Restaurant keeps in touch with their customers via social media channels, such as Facebook at

There is also an official Instagram page available, located in turn at and updated with details about promotional offers, seasonal changes to the menu, plus more.