Bob’s Bar – Rum Bar in Singapore

An elegant rum bar in Singapore, Bob’s Bar, is located within Capella Singapore hotel, at 1 The Knolls (Sentosa Island).

The bar, combining the rich heritage and old-world charm of the hotel, is a perfect spot on Sentosa Island for bespoke rum cocktails, gourmet tapas & bar bites, and panoramic views from the patio area – a great place to celebrate the sunset over the South China Sea.

Bob's Bar - Rum Bar in Singapore.

Many of the tailor-made cocktails are created with Navegante, a rum by Master Distiller Richard Seale of Foursquare Distillery Barbados, and made exclusively for Capella Singapore.

Bosun's Call Ceremony - Bob's Bar - Rum Bar in Singapore.

You can visit the bar every evening at 6pm for “The Bosun’s Call” ceremony, when the bartenders will be creating Bacardi 8 Years Old Rum drinks infused with fresh pineapple and a selection of Southeast Asian spices, a nod to the hotel’s naval tradition (as the home of the British officers of the Royal Artillery), with the whistle blowing signifying one of the Navy’s commands to receive the daily rationing of rum.

Navegante Negroni - Rum Bar in Singapore - Bob's Bar.

Navegante Negroni (a rounded blend of Campari and Vermouth Rosso, topped off with Navegante Rum).

Highlights in the bar’s drinks menu include Barrel-aged Pina Colada (with coconut cream and pineapple rum) – the quintessential island lifestyle drink – Shiso Mojito (regional take on a classic mojito with a touch of Ohba leaf), as well as Hemingway Daiquiri (unique blend of rum and absinthe – a homage to Ernest Hemingway).

For bar bites, among the customer favourites are such delicacies as Corn Tortilla Chips, Fish & Chips, and Havana Pizza (smoked pork belly, spicy salami, pineapple, fresh chili, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese).

Bob’s Bar – Rum Bar in Singapore
1 The Knolls, Palawan Beach, Capella Singapore, Sentosa Island
Singapore 098297
Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 3pm-11pm, Friday-Sunday 12noon-11pm

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