Bodyworks Chiropractic Clinic in Singapore

Bodyworks Chiropractic, a good chiropractic clinic in Singapore, is located within Aperia Mall, at 12 Kallang Avenue.

Founded in 2013, the clinic is dedicated to helping patients find natural ways to restore their spinal stability and avoid back surgeries.

The range of services at the clinic includes Chiropractic Doctors (who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of spinal and joint related problems), Spinal Decompression Therapy…

Bodyworks Chiropractic Clinic in Singapore - Aperia Mall.

…Posture Correction And Ergonomics, Myofascial Release, Physiotherapy Modalities, as well as Nutrition.

Conditions the chiropractic clinic treats include back and spine pain, spondylosis, slipped disc, sciatica, knee and joint pain, sports injuries, neck and shoulder ache, headaches and migraine, numbness and tingling, plus scoliosis and postural distortion.

Bodyworks Chiropractic Clinic in Singapore – Aperia Mall
12 Kallang Avenue, #03-06, Aperia Mall
Singapore 339511
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am-7pm, Saturday 9am-1pm

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