Boon’s Pottery – Art Gallery and Studio in Singapore

Boon’s Pottery art gallery and studio in Singapore operates within Tanglin Place, at 91 Tanglin Road.

The outlet at Tanglin Place (part of Tanglin Mall) comprises of a gallery space and a working pottery studio, in business since 1998, that organises classes for people to learn pottery making themselves.

Within the gallery, you’ll discover a showcase setting of local ceramic artists as well as collections from visiting ceramic artists and painters around the world.

At the pottery classes, the instructors, pottery artists from Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Korea, skillfully share their own styles and artistic inclinations with students.

Boon's Pottery - Art Gallery & Studio in Singapore - Tanglin Place.

Pottery Studio.

The classes are especially popular among groups of families and friends, overall people who have an appreciation for fine ceramic arts and pottery-making.

Participating in the classes, you’ll get to create and bring home memorable ceramic art pieces.

The available classes are for two types of pottery making, either handbuilding or wheel throwing.

Of these, handbuilding features the basics of pottery as an ancient pottery-making technique that involves creating forms without a pottery wheel, using just the hands, fingers, and simple tools.

Wheel throwing, meanwhile, makes use of an electric potter wheel to shape the clay placed on the wheel. While wheel throwing can lead to masterpieces, the skill requires lots of patience, practice, and passion.

The types of classes include 1.5-hour trial lesson, as well as separate handbuilding and wheel throwing classes.

Additionally, the pottery studio and ceramic art gallery can organise memorable corporate teambuilding sessions, group parties, and events like birthday parties, anniversaries, and hen’s parties themed around a pottery experience.

Boon’s Pottery – Art Gallery and Studio in Singapore
91 Tanglin Road, #B1-01/02, Tanglin Place
Singapore 247918
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-7pm

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