Brainy Bunch – 4 Islamic Montessori Preschools in Singapore

There are four Brainy Bunch Islamic Montessori preschools in Singapore to choose from, including one campus at Hougang (Blk 247 Hougang Ave 3).

Founded by Mohd Fadzil Hashim in 2010, the preschools offer first class, modern education whilst also catering to the students identity and upbringing.

The centre’s utilise the Montessori child-centered educational approach that is based on the observations of children’s Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic (VAK) learning styles model, and where each student learns at their own pace.

Brainy Bunch - Islamic Montessori Preschools in Singapore.
Learning is individualised / customised, so that students who are able to understand the topic earlier, will also be able progress to the next level earlier (fast learning children will progress by their own pace).

This is much more effective method compared to the standard approach, where all children must be taught with the same content at the same pace, regardless of the students progress.

Supporting this approach are small class sizes, with a teacher-to-student ratio of one to ten (playgroup) or one to fifteen (preschool).

At the classes, English is a main medium of instructions, and all subjects are taught in English. Children will be learning English, Bahasa Melayu & Arabic, while Mandarin is available at selected campus only.

In terms of reading skills, reading subjects are taught through phonics activities & phonetic awareness, while also life skills subjects are offered as part of the curriculum: Exercises of Practical Life (motor skills and coordination ) and self-defence (taekwando).

The available preschool programmes are Playgroup and Preschool.

Playgroup Montessori program, offered throughout Singapore for 1.5 years to 2 years old children who have established independent walking, provides a solid basis for the toddler’s social and educational journey and the development of one’s innate love for learning.

As for Preschool Montessori program, offered throughout Singapore for 3 to 6 years old children, the child will develop better coordination, concentration and sense of order, being ready to embrace the next journey of the three-year developmental cycle within the Montessori philosophy.

Brainy Bunch Locations – Islamic Montessori Preschools in Singapore

Blk 247 Hougang Ave 3, #01-452, #01-456
Singapore 530247

Pasir Ris
Blk 273 Pasir Ris Street 21, #01-498
Singapore 510273

17 Jalan Cherpen, Sembawang Spring Estate
Singapore 769923

21 Woodlands Close, #01-10/11 (Bay 1), #01-20/21 (Bay 2), #01-06/07 (Bay 3), Primz Bizhub
Singapore 737854

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