Brazil Churrasco – Brazilian Restaurant in Singapore

Brazil Churrasco, a good Brazilian restaurant in Singapore, operates within Bukit Timah district, at 14/16 Sixth Avenue.

Established in September 1994, the awards-winning, Rio de Janeiro style restaurant specialises in offering Brazilian cuisine a la “Churrasco” (Portuguese for grilled meat in general).

Today, the place is a thriving buffet restaurant, with franchise locations also in Vietnam and Malaysia, full to the brim with customers every night, eating meat and drinking caipirinha.

Brazil Churrasco - Brazilian Restaurant in Singapore.

With years of experience, many of the original recipes have been refined, and new ones created to better reflect the tastes of the oriental part of the world, resulting in a number of successful menu items that you can’t even find in Brazil.

One of the key details behind the restaurant’s success has been the ability to consistently source top-notch quality meat, especially from Australia and New Zealand, for a taste difference that the customers appreciate.

Brazilian Restaurant in Singapore - Brazil Churrasco.

Visiting the restaurant, highlights in the all-you-can-eat buffet offering features a selection of 14 barbecued cuts of meat, including beef, chicken, lamb, pork, duck & fish, served at your table – plus a selection of 26 different types of hot & cold salad dishes.

Brazil Churrasco – Brazilian Restaurant in Singapore
14/16 Sixth Avenue
Singapore 276476
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 6pm-10pm

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