Broadway American Diner in Singapore

Broadway American Diner is located within Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski (13 Stamford Road).

The all-american themed diner is a wholesome family outlet serving delicious milkshakes, hot dogs, desserts, ice cream, and burgers made with housemade patties & freshly baked buns.

Menu at the restaurant, which has seating available for 54 guests, features a range of nostalgic comfort food delights such as Classic Banana Split (banana espuma, banana glaze, freeze-dried banana, rum & raisins, ice cream and whipped cream), Philly Steak Sandwich (beef steak, bell peppers, crispy onions, cheese, housemade fresh bun)…

Banana Split in Singapore - Broadway American Diner.

Classic Banana Split.

BBQ Beef Burger (beef patty, fried onion rings, smoky bacon, cheddar cheese, apple butter barbecue sauce), Chilli Beef Hot Dog (smoked beef sausage, chilli con carne, pico de gallo, mozzarella cheese, hot dog bun), Macaroni & Cheese (cheddar & parmesan cheese, green peas, crispy bacon, mentaiko), Traditional American Apple Pie, as well as Chocolate Fudge Milkshake.

American Diner in Singapore.

Just like the foods you’d find in American diners in the USA, Broadway offers a delicious take on the classic American staples.

Broadway American Diner in Singapore - Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski.

From the menu, here are some highlights to consider for a complete meal at the restaurant.

Starter: Mesclun Green Salad. The Mesclun Green Salad is a good choice for a starter because it is light and refreshing, and it helps to balance out the heavier dishes on the menu. The spicy fried chicken, green apples, Parmesan, and honey mustard dressing add flavour and texture to the salad.

Main: Buttermilk Chicken & Cheese Burger. The Buttermilk Chicken & Cheese Burger is a classic American diner dish. The buttermilk chicken is juicy and flavorful, and the American cheese, cabbage slaw, and honey mustard dressing add the perfect complement.

Side: Crusty Garlic Bread. The Crusty Garlic Bread is a delicious and versatile side dish. The pistachio cream cheese, roasted garlic butter, parsley, and thyme add a unique and flavourful twist.

Overall, these choices provide a meal that is balanced, flavourful, and satisfying. It also includes a variety of textures, from the crispy salad to the juicy chicken to the soft and creamy bread.

Broadway American Diner in Singapore
13 Stamford Road, #01-84B, Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski
Singapore 178905
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:30am-9pm

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