Butter Bean – Nanyang Cafe in Singapore

Butter Bean, a good Nanyang cafe in Singapore, has a location available at The Seletar Mall (33 Sengkang West Avenue).

A concept created by BreadTalk Group, the outlets serve creative Nanyan coffee-based beverages and modern baked goods & local delights.

For the Signature PB & J Toast (with peanut butter and strawberry jam), the cafe uses pure butter from New Zealand together with Japanese-milled flour, resulting in a wonderfully soft and fluffy texture.

Toast Set with Hot Kopi - Butter Bean.

To complement the experience, for their BBrulee Kopi Latte, the place utilizes Torrefacto-roasted proprietary blend of quality Arabica and Robusta beans, giving you a distinctive taste of a Nanyang coffee.

Nanyang Cafe in Singapore - Butter Bean.

Other menu highlights include the likes of Curry On Sunshine (Singapore-style curry and potatoes with a fried chicken chop and omelette-topped rice) and The B.F.F. Sandwich (butter toast sandwich, battered fish fillet (bff), omelette, cheese, lettuce).

Butter Bean The Seletar Mall - Nanyang Cafe in Singapore.

Overall, the cafe has an atmosphere centered around good vibes, as a contemporary place for light conversations and connecting with friends while enjoying popular local flavors.

Butter Bean The Seletar Mall – Nanyang Cafe in Singapore
33 Sengkang West Ave, #01-07/08, The Seletar Mall
Singapore 797653
Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 7:30am-9pm, Friday-Saturday 7:30am-9:30pm, Sunday 7:30am-9pm

As a top Nanyang Cafe in Singapore, Butter Bean communicates with their customer base via social media channels, such as Facebook at facebook.com/butterbeansg/.

There is also an official Instagram page available at instagram.com/butterbeansg/ that is updated with changes to the menu, seasonal & festive specialties, promotions, and more.

What Is a Nanyang Style Cafe? Butter Bean

A Nanyang style cafe refers to a type of cafe that is influenced by the Nanyang (meaning “Southern Seas”) region, which typically includes countries in Southeast Asia, particularly Singapore and Malaysia. The term “Nanyang” is often used to describe a blend of Chinese culture with the local cultures of the Southeast Asian region.

Nanyang cafes often feature a fusion of culinary influences, combining traditional Chinese flavors with local ingredients and cooking techniques. The menu in these cafes may include a variety of dishes that reflect the diverse culinary heritage of the Nanyang region. This can include items such as Hainanese chicken rice, laksa (a spicy noodle soup), kaya toast (a traditional Singaporean and Malaysian breakfast item), and various types of noodle dishes.

In addition to food, Nanyang style cafes may also incorporate a unique atmosphere and decor that reflects the cultural richness of the Nanyang region. The term is sometimes associated with a nostalgic or retro ambiance, evoking the charm of old-style coffee shops and tea houses that were popular in the region.

Nanyang style cafes provide a cultural and culinary experience that celebrates the diversity and fusion of influences found in the Southeast Asian region, particularly in the context of Chinese and local flavors coming together.