Cable Car Sky Dining in Singapore

Cable Car Sky Dining experience, operated by Mount Faber Leisure Group, is available within Singapore’s Faber Peak, at 109 Mount Faber Road.

The dining experience takes places on board Singapore cable car cabin, as a great way to enjoy great food, good company, and amazing, panoramic views.

As you dine in the cozy private dining space in the sky, you can admire the changing views as you journey from Faber Peak to the harbour and Sentosa.

Cable Car Sky Dining - Stardust Cabin.

Stardust Cabin.

You can choose your sky dining package from several available options – Stardust Cabin, Singapore Flavours Cabin, or Champagne Cabin.

Stardust Cabin, for example, is an exciting way to celebrate a special occasion or just show some love to your significant other with a four-course meal (3 cable car rounds – approximately 90 minutes) in the Cable Car’s Stardust Cabin.

Singapore Flavours Cabin.

Alternatively, go with the Singapore Flavours Cabin to sample the best of the local favourites (7 of Singapore’s favourite dishes), or choose the Champagne Cabin for a truly celebratory affair (featuring European tapas platter & a bottle of Champagne).

Cable Car Sky Dining
109 Mount Faber Road, Level 2, Faber Peak
Singapore 099203
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 5:30pm-8pm

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