Cafe Kuriko – Japanese Desserts in Singapore

You can discover Cafe Kuriko, a specialty outlet for Japanese desserts in Singapore, from within Funan Mall (107 North Bridge Road).

A concept created by Japan Foods Holdings, the place serves a line-up of specialty desserts from Japan, including the Signature Mont Blanc, prepared with Japanese chestnuts (‘waguri’).

Signature Waguri Mont Blanc features a sponge cake layered with rich chestnut mousse filling, and topped with noodles of premium sweetened chestnut and purple sweet potato paste, giving the dessert its spaghetti-like appearance.

Japanese Desserts in Singapore - Cafe Kuriko.

Other popular choices are fruit tarts and cakes, made from fresh and delicious fruits that have been carefully selected by the outlet’s Japanese patissiers daily.

Cafe Kuriko - Japanese Desserts in Singapore.

Beyond desserts, another signature item on the dessert cafe menu is Cha-nabe, a one-pot savoury soup dish and a traditional Japanese comfort food, served with a choice of housemade udon or rice.

Cafe Kuriko – Japanese Desserts in Singapore
107 North Bridge Road, #01-11, Funan Mall
Singapore 179105

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