CakeMadders – Bakery Shop in Singapore

CakeMadders bakery shop in Singapore operates within NEWest shopping centre, at 1 West Coast Drive.

In business since 2016, the shop is best known for their delicious Chicken Shepherd’s Pie, available as both frozen (lasts 1 month) or as ready-to-eat.

In contrast to traditional shepherd’s or cottage pies made from beef or lamb, the store uses chicken while still maintaining the original recipe’s flavourful taste.

CakeMadders NEWest - Bakery Shop in Singapore.

Visiting the bakery shop, in addition to buying takeaway frozen shepherd’s pies, you can also enjoy on the spot some freshly-made pies, butter cookies, fudgy brownies, as well as soft Swiss rolls.

CakeMadders – Bakery Shop in Singapore
1 West Coast Drive, #01-K18, NeWest
Singapore 128020
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 12noon-8pm

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