CanSports Health & Wellness Centre in Singapore

CanSports Health & Wellness Centre in Singapore is located within NEWest shopping mall, at 1 West Coast Drive.

Founded by former weightlifter, swimmer, triathlete, and runner Theresa Le Sliworsky in 2012, the centre provides integrative nutrition, wellness, fitness coaching, pilates, rehabilitation movement therapy, and functional training.

More specifically, CanSports is the only centre in Singapore that combines the benefits of rehabilitation training, pilates, functional training, and nutrition into a training program for the customers to move better, be pain-free, lose weight – to become the best version of themselves.

CanSports Health & Wellness Centre in Singapore.

The centre’s holistic approach to training is more than just a quick fix, but rather a lifestyle change that includes feeding your body optimally, training your body correctly, and responding to what your body is signaling so that you move better, feel better, and live life to the fullest.

For the in-person training, CanSports has a team of professional and experienced instructors and bespoke programs that have are specifically designed for your unique physiological needs.

Overall, the health & wellness centre offers Bespoke Programs (Integrative & Wellness, Nutrition Programs, Fitgenes, Assessment, InBody Scan), Rehabilitation Programs, and Movement Training (Pilates, Functional Training, Pre/Postnatal).

CanSports Health & Wellness Centre in Singapore
1 West Coast Drive, #01-16, NeWest
Singapore 128020
Opening Hours (Open by Appointment Only): Monday-Thursday 8am-1pm, 3pm-9pm, Friday 8am-6pm, Saturday 7am-4pm

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