Central Perk – Themed Cafe in Singapore (CLOSED)

A unique F.R.I.E.N.D.S themed cafe in Singapore, Central Perk, is located within Central Mall, at 1 Magazine Road. (UPDATE 2022: THE CAFE HAS CLOSED)

Managed by (superfan) Mr Lim Jit Min and open to customers since November 2016, the coffee shop is the only official Warner Brothers licensed F.R.I.E.N.D.S (American TV sitcom) outlet outside of the United States.

Operating with a slogan “Recreating Friends, One Coffeecup at a Time“, the outlet recreates the atmosphere and decor familiar from the coffee shop in the TV show, in which the main characters (Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross) hung out.

Central Perk - Themed Cafe in Singapore.

Many nostalgic details from the TV show have been incorporated into the 3,300-square-foot space, including the plush main couch from the show’s coffee shop, Monica’s kitchen, Rachel’s runaway wedding dress, Phoebe’s cat, as well as Chandler and Joey’s foosball table.

The theme carries into the menu, where the food & beverage names reference various episodes.

Joey's "Ride Along" Sandwich - Central Perk - Themed Cafe in Singapore.

Among the menu highlights are, for example, Phoebe’s “I Can’t Eat Meat” Steak (250g ribeye, garlic mash, US asparagus, red wine sauce), Joey’s Fisherman Stew (mussels, prawn, scallops, octopus, seasonal fish), Monica’s Marinara (tomato sauce, prawns, scallops, Spanish octopus, mussels), and Mrs Braverman’s Cheesecake.

For the coffee & Friendspuccino, there are six different blends profiled to the six different FRIENDS characters.

Central Perk Singapore Merchandise - Cap.

As a bonus to the friends of the show, the cafe outlet also sells a range of merchandise like mugs, coasters, caps, umbrellas, and t-shirts.

Central Perk – Themed Cafe in Singapore (UPDATE 2022: THE CAFE HAS CLOSED)
1 Magazine Rd, #01-01, Central Mall
Singapore 059567
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-11pm

As a popular themed cafe in Singapore, Central Perk keeps in touch with their customers via social media channels, including Facebook at facebook.com/centralperksingapore/.

You can also follow the cafe’s official Instagram page at instagram.com/centralperksg/ for updates related to events, promotions, and more.