Centro Hair Art – Hair Salon in Singapore

Centro Hair Art hair salon in Singapore is located within Far East Plaza shopping mall (14 Scotts Road).

For the services, the salon has a group of experienced hair stylists / consultants that provide affordable, quality hair treatments & services to all customers.

Among the services & treatments you can choose at the hair salon are Korean color, color & highlights, Korean C curls + treatment, ombre with unlimited bleaching + treatment & 1 tone color, Balayage including unlimited bleaching + treatment & 1 tone color

Centro Hair Art - Hair Salon in Singapore - Far East Plaza.

…Korean wave perm + treatment, Korean wave perm + color or highlights, Bioma straightening, rebonding + color or highlights, K Gloss treatment, scalp treatment, Argan Oil Treatment, Loreal Hair Treatment, Redken Diamond Treatment, Moroccan Oil Treatment, Miya Keratin Treatment, Vibrance Super Smooth Treatment.

Centro Hair Art Far East Plaza – Hair Salon in Singapore
14 Scotts Road, #03-18, Far East Plaza
Singapore 228213
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 11am-9pm, Saturday-Sunday 11am-8pm

To learn more about Centro Hair Art hair salon in Singapore, the best place to do so is their official Facebook page.

Following the Facebook channel, you’ll receive updates related to popular hairstyles & colors, promotions on the services & hair care treatments, and more.

What is Miya Keratin Hair Treatment? Centro Hair Art

Miya Keratin Hair Treatment, available at Centro Hair Art, is a professional-strength hair care product that is designed to restore moisture, repair damage, and smooth frizzy hair. It contains a blend of keratin, natural oils, and botanical extracts that work together to deeply nourish and protect hair.

Keratin is a protein that is naturally present in hair. It provides strength, elasticity, and shine. However, hair can lose keratin over time due to environmental factors, chemical treatments, and heat styling. Miya Keratin Hair Treatment replenishes keratin, which helps to restore hair’s health and vitality.

The natural oils and botanical extracts in Miya Keratin Hair Treatment also provide additional benefits. Olive oil moisturizes and conditions hair, while jojoba oil helps to restore its natural oils. Panthenol, a form of vitamin B5, helps to repair damaged hair and promote healing. Aloe vera soothes the scalp and promotes healthy hair growth.

Miya Keratin Hair Treatment can be used by people of all hair types, including fine, thick, curly, and straight hair. It is safe for color-treated hair and can help to protect against further damage.

Benefits of Using Miya Keratin Hair Treatment

Reduces frizz and flyaways: Keratin smooths the hair shaft and helps to eliminate frizz.

Increases shine: The natural oils and botanical extracts in the treatment help to revitalize hair and restore its natural shine.

Strengthens hair: Keratin helps to strengthen the hair shaft and make it less prone to breakage.

Reduces split ends: The treatment helps to seal split ends and prevent further damage.

Conditions hair: The treatment leaves hair feeling soft, smooth, and manageable.

Protects against damage: The natural oils and botanical extracts in the treatment help to protect hair from environmental damage and heat styling.

If you are looking for a professional-strength hair treatment that can restore your hair’s health and vitality, then Miya Keratin Hair Treatment is a great option. It is effective for all hair types and can help you achieve salon-quality results at home.