Changi Meet & Greet Service in Singapore

Changi Meet & Greet service in Singapore is available at two locations within Changi Airport (Terminals 1, and 3).

In general terms, the service features a personal concierge that guides and escorts travellers through the procedures required during Arrival, Departure, and Transit in Changi Airport – be it finding the right baggage belt or preparing the customs declaration forms.

The service is suitable for anyone who may need help getting around the airport or understanding the airport transit procedures, including first-time travellers, children, elderly, special needs passengers, businessmen, and foreign workers who are not fluent in the local languages.

Changi Meet & Greet Service in Singapore.

By leaving the formalities to the service staff, you will have peace of mind as you fully enjoy the best of what Changi Airport has to offer, making your travels through Changi safe and seamless from the time you set foot onto the airport to the moment you leave.

There are two levels of this service: Classic Meet & Greet and Deluxe Meet & Greet .

Of these, the Classic Meet & Greet is a basic service which includes guidance through the necessary airport procedures, with no porter and add-on services, and the package is only available for Arrivals.

Furthermore, the Classic Meet & Greet concierge is non-exclusive, which means that if there are several bookings from guests on the same flight, you will be guided as one group.

The Deluxe Meet & Greet, meanwhile, is a VIP service that hires a dedicated concierge for you, taking you through the necessary airport formalities, and assist you with baggage (up to 2 check in and 1 hand carry).

Additional available airport services (charges apply) for the Deluxe Meet & Greet include buggy hire, extra porter services, per-per-use lounge access, airport transfer booking, and flower bouquet gifting.

Deluxe Meet & Greet is available for Arrivals, Departures, and Transit.

Changi Meet & Greet Service in Singapore – Locations

Changi Airport T1
80 Airport Boulevard, Public Area, Level 1, Terminal 1, Changi Airport
Singapore 819642
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 9am-7pm

Changi Airport T3
65 Airport Boulevard, Public Area, Level 1, Terminal 3, Changi Airport
Singapore 819663
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 9am-7pm

To read detailed information about the Changi Meet & Greet service in Singapore, you can do so at the official website.

At the official website, there’s also a ‘contact us’ section, in case you have further questions.