ChikSoo Korean Kitchen – 2 Korean BBQ Buffet Restaurants in Singapore

ChikSoo Korean Kitchen has two Korean BBQ buffet restaurants in Singapore, including one outlet within Oasis Terraces (681 Punggol Drive).

The restaurant, founded by Miss Jillian Chia, offers delicious Korean BBQ and Army Stew buffet (Lunch Buffet (60mins) and Dinner Buffet (80mins)).

In addition, you can choose your Korean meal from an exciting a la carte menu full of traditional Korean dishes and a variety of Korean bento options.

ChikSoo Korean Kitchen - Korean BBQ Buffet Restaurants in Singapore - Oasis Terraces.

Oasis Terraces.

Food highlights also include the restaurant‘s Kimchi and other Banchan (small side dishes) such as pickled radish, marination sauces, stew paste, and Korean pancakes.

On the a la carte menu, among the popular choices are Seafood Spicy Noodle (Korean Ramyeon with egg and Kimchi as a soup base and with seafood – scallops, mussels, prawn)…

Korean Restaurant in Singapore - ChikSoo Korean Kitchen.

…Beef with Cheese Bibimbap (white rice topped with mozzarella cheese and sliced marinated beef), as well as Chicken Bulgogi Stew (marinated chicken with vegetables like cabbage, bean sprout, carrots, enoki mushrooms, and topped with glass noodles).

ChikSoo Korean Kitchen Locations & Opening Hours – Korean BBQ Buffet Restaurants in Singapore

212 Hougang Street 21, #01-333
Singapore 530212
Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 12noon-10pm

Oasis Terraces
681 Punggol Drive, #01-07, Oasis Terraces
Singapore 820681
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm

As a popular destination for Korean BBQ Buffet in Singapore, Chiksoo Korean Kitchen keeps in touch with their customer base via social media, like Instagram at

Following the restaurant’s social media pages, you’ll receive updates related to menu changes, changes to the opening hours, promotional offers & deals, events, and more.