Chop Kong Chong – Buy School Uniform Singapore

If you’re looking to buy school uniform Singapore, one of the available shops is Chop Kong Chong at Sembawang Shopping Centre (604 Sembawang Road).

The company has been supplying uniforms to primary and secondary schools in Singapore for over 20 years.

Their uniforms, striking a balance between quality and cost as a result of expertise in manufacturing and retailing, are made of excellent materials and good workmanship.

Available categories include customized products in many forms, in addition to school uniforms also corporate uniforms that allow staff to look neat, smart & professional.

Chop Kong Chong - Buy School Uniform Singapore.

Visiting the shop, you can order t-shirt printing at any quantity you want, be it for special occasions, corporate events, or product launches.

Additional services cover school shoes (can be worn for schools or casual purposes), customized socks (with printed logos), plus uniform & logo design services for schools and companies.

Chop Kong Chong – Buy School Uniform Singapore
604 Sembawang Road, #02-13, Sembawang Shopping Centre
Singapore 758459

One of the popular choices to buy school uniform Singapore, the company keeps in touch with their customers via social media, including Facebook at

To see their range of services, partner secondary & primary schools and junior colleges, as well as selling dates at schools, however, you can browse through the official website.