City Donut Shop in Singapore

You can find City Donut shop in Singapore from within Outram district, at 2 Mccallum Street.

A concept created by Minor Food Group and The Pine Garden bakery, the store’s range of donuts have been inspired by favourite bakes from the 80s – as great fluffy delicacies dressed in a light coat of sugar to reminisce the good old days with.

On the menu, where the items are made from scratch, baked fresh daily, choices include flavours like Original Sugar Coated Donut, Citrus Yuzu, Milo Dinosaur (Chocolate), Wholemeal Yogurt, Pulut Hitam, Pandan Ondeh Ondeh, as well as Orh Nee (Yam), each perfect with a cup of kopi or teh.

Pandan Ondeh-Ondeh Donut - City Donut.

Pandan Ondeh-Ondeh Donut.

Bestselling flavour in the menu is Pandan Ondeh Ondeh Donut, featuring an untraditional ball-shape that is filled with palm sugar / gula melaka & grated coconut mix, and sprinkled with fine coconut flakes.

Citrus Yuzu Donut - City Donut.

Citrus Yuzu Donut.

Another crowd favourite is the Citrus Yuzu Donut, a sweet & light delicacy that has a wonderful sugary coating to counterbalance the sour flavour from the citrus fruit.

City Donut Shop in Singapore.

City Donut Shop in Singapore
2 Mccallum Street
Singapore 069043
Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 8am-5pm

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