Coleman’s Cafe in Singapore

You can discover Coleman’s Cafe in Singapore from within Peninsula Excelsior Hotel, at 5 Coleman Street.

Visiting the all-day dining restaurant, with seating both indoors and at the outdoors patio, you can choose your meal from international and local cuisine highlights and popular dishes.

Coleman's Cafe in Singapore.

Among the restaurant menu choices are the likes of Assorted Sushi and Sashimi (Salmon & Tuna), Slipper Lobster Au Gratin, Green Curry Chicken, Thai Red Chicken Curry, Cereal Prawns, Fish with Teriyaki Sauce, Braised Beef Oxtail, NZ Mussels with Chilli Crab Sauce, Honey BBQ Chicken…

Roast Pork Belly - Coleman's Cafe in Singapore.

…Roast Pork Belly, Braised Claypot Rice, Sambal Stingray & Sotong, Soya Chicken, Singapore Laksa, as well as desserts including Chocolate Fondue, Bread and Butter Pudding, Waffles (with a selection of ice cream), Durian Pengat, Nonya Kueh, and Ice Kacang.

Coleman’s Cafe in Singapore
5 Coleman Street, Peninsula Excelsior Hotel
Singapore 179805

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