Colosseum – LAN Gaming in Singapore (CLOSED)

One of the most popular centres for LAN gaming in Singapore, Colosseum, is located within Downtown East shopping mall (1 Pasir Ris Close). (UPDATE 2022: THE CENTRE HAS CLOSED)

The outlet is a LAN gaming hub, a place where you can participate in esports and buy console & PC games & equipment under one roof.

At the gaming centre, you can find all the newest games, gaming equipment, and top-notch PCs and latest game consoles to play with, plus shop from a wide range of gaming related merchandise, such as apparel, collectibles, gaming mouses, gaming keyboards, gaming headsets, etc.

Colosseum - LAN Gaming in Singapore - Downtown East.

The esports arena is a great place to spend time playing with friends, or just staying at the place as an audience to the other exciting ongoing matches. To go with your session, you can purchase snacks & drinks from the customer service desk.

Colosseum - Internet Cafe Singapore - Downtown East.

As a LAN gaming centre, the outlet offers services beyond just gaming facilities and gaming products, including IT/gaming workshops, corporate and community events, tournaments, and gaming parties.

Colosseum Downtown East E!Avenue (UPDATE 2022: THE CENTRE HAS CLOSED)
1 Pasir Ris Close, #02-341, E!Avenue, Downtown East
Singapore 519599
Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 11am-11pm, Friday-Sunday 11am-6am

One of the best places to keep an eye on the latest games and gaming products available at the outlet is the company’s official Facebook page.

Following the Facebook page, you’ll also stay up to date on the local esports culture, and all the LAN gaming in Singapore events & tournaments related to it.

You can also follow the outlet’s official Instagram account at