Cookie & Cuddle – Dog Petting Cafe in Singapore

Cookie & Cuddle, a good dog petting cafe in Singapore, is located within Kallang district, at 432 Race Course Road.

Open to customers since March 2021, the outlet is named after two of the resident dogs, adorable Chi-Poos (a mix of chihuahua and poodle) named ‘Cookie’ and ‘Cuddle’.

For the dogs (with ‘Kiki‘, there are a total of three), there is a separate playpen area within the cafe that you can visit and take pictures and spend time with the furry friends in.

Cookie & Cuddle - Dog Petting Cafe in Singapore.

The pet cafe has a delicious menu of coffees and bakes available, where everything is freshly baked on-site.

Signature menu item is the Doggyaki, a type of taiyaki (which is a Japanese fish-shaped cake) shaped like French bulldog’s head and made from mochi batter for chewy texture.

Doggyaki - Cookie & Cuddle.

The Doggyaki’s, available in several flavours, are sold as sets with scoops of cookie & cream or cookie butter ice cream, and a bone shaped dark chocolate.

Other highlights in the cafe‘s baked goods menu include Dark Chunk Brownies, Cookie Dough Brownies, as well as White Chocolate Cookies.

For their coffees (Espresso, Macchiato, Black, and White), the cafe uses beans roasted by Allpress, a coffee roaster and espresso specialist company.

Dog Petting Cafe in Singapore - Cookie & Cuddle.

‘Kiki’ and ‘Cookie’.

Cookie & Cuddle – Dog Petting Cafe in Singapore
432 Race Course Road
Singapore 218678
Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 11am-6pm

As a top dog petting cafe in Singapore, Cookie & Cuddle keeps in touch with their customers via social media, including Facebook at

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