CS Montessori Learning Centres in Singapore (CLOSED)

CS Montessori Learning Centre has three locations in Singapore, including one within NEX (23 Serangoon Central). (UPDATE 2020: THE CENTRES HAVE CLOSED)

Founded in 2000, CS Montessori specializes in providing Montessori education for Singaporean preschool children, offering Playgroup, Workgroup, Phonics/Math, and Chinese programs.

CS Montessori Kindergarten / Learning Centre NEX Singapore.

All in all, you can choose from a range of programs featuring Montessori Playgroups (18 months to 3 years old), Montessori Pre-Workgroups (2+ to 3+ years old)…

…Montessori Workgroups (4 to 6 years old), Montessori Phonics & Reading, Montessori Math, Move with Chinese, Holiday Programs, as well as Workshops for parents.

The price to participate varies from program to program, and you have to contact one of the centres to get the details.

CS Montessori’s focus is in providing high quality and effective curriculum, tailored to each individual child, resulting in significantly visible outcomes.

In fact, CS Montessori is well known for the participating children’s excellent academic performance.

Beyond academics, the holistic approach is extremely effective in helping a child to become highly independent, self-confident, responsible, and disciplined, well balanced with social skills, and yet very knowledgeable with mastery of literacy skills that are ahead of typical preschools.

CS Montessori Learning Centre Locations in Singapore (UPDATE 2020: THE CENTRES HAVE CLOSED)

CS Montessori Kindergarten / Learning Centre NEX
23 Serangoon Central, #04-77
Singapore 556083

CS Montessori Learning Centre Beo Crescent
Blk 36 Beo Crescent, #01-31
Singapore 160036

CS Montessori Learning Centre Eng Watt
Blk 66 Eng Watt Street, #01-04
Singapore 160066

Each of the CS Montessori Learning Centres have their own Facebook pages for communication.

For example, the Facebook page for Beo Crescent is located at www.facebook.com/CSMontessoriBEO.