Cupping Room Coffee Roasters – Gourmet Coffee in Singapore

Gourmet coffee shop Cupping Room Coffee Roasters is located within Singapore’s Takashimaya Shopping Centre, at 391A Orchard Road.

Founded in 2011 in Stanley, Hong Kong, and in Singapore since October 2020, the outlet offers specialty coffees with exciting food options in a Japanese/Scandinavian aesthetic setting and friendly service.

Coffees on the menu has been carefully curated for their unique characteristics that are influenced by terroir, variety, and processing conditions – with an emphasis on varieties that have great aroma, sweetness, and clean acidity.

Cupping Room Coffee Roasters - Gourmet Coffee in Singapore - Takashimaya Shopping Centre.

Sourcing for the coffee beans is done only with the best farms from around the world, through relationships with producers directly, or sourced with green buyers who shares the company’s aspirations for quality.

Then, each coffee is roasted uniquely, in a process that aims to highlight the finest qualities, an approach that the company would and does use for competitions.

If you’re familiar with the company’s offerings in Hong Kong, the drinks on the Singapore menu have been adapted slightly to fit local palates, but still showcasing the same award winning level of quality.

Pairing the coffee with food, the cafe menu has been designed to suit the season as well as reflect the features of the individual neighbourhood.

Cupping Room Coffee Roasters Ngee Ann City – Gourmet Coffee in Singapore
391A Orchard Road, #02-10A, Ngee Ann City, Takashimaya Shopping Centre
Singapore 238872
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 10am-8pm

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