Daizu Cafe – Japanese Cafe in Singapore

Daizu Cafe, a good Japanese cafe in Singapore, operates within Kallang district, at 129 Rangoon Road.

The place is a popular Japanese-Western fusion minimalist lifestyle concept cafe that specialises in soy desserts, healthy nutrition, and sustainability in daily living.

Due to the fusion concept, the cafe’s menu is an adventure for the taste buds, as there are many unique flavours and combinations you won’t find elsewhere in Singapore.

Daizu Cafe - Japanese Cafe in Singapore.

Highlights in the food menu include, for example, Torched Mentaiko Salmon Don (Japanese grain, pan-seared salmon steak, onsen egg, mushrooms, edamame, soybeans, mentaiko sauce), Garlic Butter Sakura Ebi Pasta (spaghetti, garlic butter sauce, mushrooms, sakura ebi)…

Torched Mentaiko Salmon Don - Daizu Cafe.

Torched Mentaiko Salmon Don.

Daizu Brunch (available from opening till 3pm – brioche, truffle scrambled eggs, spiced chicken sausage, creamy mushrooms, rosti hash, mixed greens, Japanese BBQ sauce), as well as Hojicha Bread Butter Pudding (dessert – served with a scoop of French vanilla ice cream).

Petit Breakfast - Daizu Cafe in Singapore.

Petit Breakfast (brioche toast, scrambled eggs, chicken sausage, Japanese BBQ sauce) with add-on seasoned mushrooms.

For ambience, the minimalist cafe embraces minimalist aesthetics and creative conceptualization to reduce the stressors of daily living, enhance mindfulness, and to deliver timeless enjoyment with every experience.

Fuji Kori Amann - Daizu Cafe.

Fuji Kori Amann (dessert – kouign amann, vanilla ice cream, matcha powder, crushed pistachios).

For a complete meal from the menu, available online, you could explore some of the options below.

  • Mains: Grilled Unagi Don – Grilled eel served over a bed of Japanese rice with onsen egg, mushrooms, edamame, soybeans, and unagi tare sauce. A popular dish at Daizu Cafe and is highly recommended by their customers.
  • Sides: Daizu Veggie Bowl – A bowl of mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and avocado tossed in a sesame dressing. A refreshing side dish that complements the unagi don well.
  • Dessert: Matcha Tiramisu – A twist on the classic Italian dessert made with matcha green tea powder. A unique dessert that combines the flavours of matcha and tiramisu.

Beyond these highlights, if you’re looking for a complete meal, starting with one of their appetizers, such as the Edamame or the Gyoza, is always a good option.

For your main course, you could also go with the likes of Daizu Signature Chicken Rice or the Salmon Teriyaki Donburi. Both of these dishes are hearty and flavourful, and they come with a side of rice and vegetables.

To finish off, the Matcha Lava Cake is another popular item. This dessert is rich and decadent, and it’s the perfect way to end a meal.

Daizu Cafe – Japanese Cafe in Singapore
129 Rangoon Road
Singapore 218407
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-10pm, Saturday-Sunday 8am-10pm

As a popular Japanese cafe in Singapore, Daizu Cafe keeps in touch with their customers using social media, including Facebook at facebook.com/daizucafe/.

Following the Facebook page, you’ll stay up to date on the cafe’s menu changes, promotions, events, and more.