Delibowl – 3 Sichuan Restaurants in Singapore

Delibowl has three Sichuan restaurants in Singapore, including an Express outlet at Funan mall (107 North Bridge Road).

Each of the locations has a unique approach to Sichuan and Chinese cuisine, with Express @ Funan providing fast service & satisfying quick meals.

Ricebowl @ Paya Lebar Square, meanwhile, specializes in Sichuan style rice bowl dishes, where, in the preparation, the place uses premium rice grains such as the Chinese Wuchang rice, Japanese Pearl rice, and Thai fragrant rice.

Delibowl Funan Mall - Sichuan Restaurant in Singapore.

Funan Mall (Express).

Highlights on the restaurant menu include Stewed Beef Brisket with Tomato, Twice-Cooked Marinated Beef Slices, Sour Soup Dumplings, as well as Hot and Spicy Wonton.

Sichuan Restaurant in Singapore - Delibowl.

Delibowl Locations & Opening Hours – Sichuan Restaurants in Singapore

Funan Mall (Express)
107 North Bridge Rd, #02-06, Funan Mall
Singapore 179105
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-9pm

Our Tampines Hub (Nuodle)
1 Tampines Walk, #01-101, Our Tampines Hub
Singapore 528523
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm

Paya Lebar Square (Ricebowl)
60 Paya Lebar Rd, #01-77, Paya Lebar Square
Singapore 409051
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 10:30am-9pm

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What is Sichuan Cuisine?

Sichuan cuisine, or Sichuanese cuisine, as served at the Delibowl locations, is a renowned style of Chinese cuisine originating from Sichuan province and the neighboring Chongqing municipality.

It is known for its bold, intense flavors, particularly the numbing spiciness (mala) derived from the Sichuan peppercorn.

Other characteristic flavors include sweet, sour, salty, and fragrant. Sichuan cuisine is a culinary art form that has evolved over centuries, and its unique flavors have captivated palates worldwide.

Key Ingredients of Sichuan Cuisine

The distinctive flavors of Sichuan cuisine are achieved through a blend of essential ingredients.

Sichuan peppercorns: These unique peppercorns impart a numbing sensation to the tongue, creating a tingling sensation that complements the spicy heat.

Chili peppers: Sichuan cuisine is renowned for its bold spiciness, often achieved with a variety of chili peppers, including the fiery Sichuan peppercorns.

Doubanjiang: This fermented soybean paste adds depth and complexity to Sichuan dishes, providing a savory, umami-rich flavor.

Zhimcha (Sichuan pickled vegetables): These tangy and crunchy vegetables, often made with cabbage or cucumbers, add a refreshing counterpoint to the spicy dishes.

Salt, sugar, and soy sauce: These basic seasonings form the foundation of many Sichuan dishes, providing a balance of saltiness, sweetness, and umami.

Signature Dishes of Sichuan Cuisine

Sichuan cuisine boasts a vast repertoire of dishes, each showcasing the cuisine’s signature flavors. Here are a few of the most iconic dishes:

Dan dan noodles: A classic Sichuan noodle dish featuring a savory topping of minced meat or pork, pickled vegetables, chilies, and Sichuan peppercorn sauce.

Mapo tofu: A vegetarian delight featuring silken tofu simmered in a rich, spicy, and numbing sauce.

Kung Pao chicken: A stir-fry dish with tender chicken, peanuts, vegetables, and a savory, spicy sauce.

Chongqing hot pot: A communal dining experience where diners cook thinly sliced meat, seafood, and vegetables in a simmering pot of spicy broth.

Fish-fragrant eggplant: A succulent eggplant dish stir-fried with aromatics, fermented black beans, and a hint of Sichuan peppercorns.

International Appeal of Sichuan Cuisine

Sichuan cuisine has gained global recognition for its unique flavors, bold spiciness, and culinary artistry. Restaurants serving Sichuan cuisine have sprouted up in major cities worldwide, catering to the growing appreciation for this authentic Chinese cuisine.

If you’re seeking an adventurous culinary experience, Sichuan cuisine is a must-try. Brace your palate for the tingling numbing sensation of Sichuan peppercorns and savor the symphony of flavors that make this cuisine so special.